My Name Is Mahnoor Farogh

About Me


Hello, I am Mahnoor! Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I talk about all things beauty, fashion, art, food and share other inspiring content. As of 2020, I am a full-time lawyer, working at a corporate law firm in Karachi, Pakistan and in my spare time I love to blog.

Why I started blogging?
Long story short, I started this platform when I was doing the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) in London in 2017 as an outlet for my creativity.

For those who want to know the complete picture keep reading.

I was always artistically inclined since I was a child and found that I best expressed myself through some form of art, whether it was painting, sculpting, playing dress up (sometimes including my younger brother, cousins and grandmothers in the madness) putting on a runway show, music or creative writing.


As the years passed I was introduced to the magical world of YouTube. Yes, I was that awkward teen that spent hours after school and homework watching makeup, styling and hair tutorials by THE beauty gurus such as Michelle Phan, Kandee Johnson, Miss Jessica Harlow, Chriselle Lim and Kayley Melissa to name a few.

If it wasn’t YouTube it was recreating the things I learnt, whether that meant switching up how I did my eyeliner, experimenting with a new hairstyle on myself or my friends or designing my own clothes.


Then came my move to London, England for university, coupled with Instagram and I fell in love with that constant invigoration of ideas. Law was what I studied at university but I day-dreamed of my glamorous job at the VOGUE head-quarters, churning out eye-catching editorials whilst of course, looking the part. But since that didn’t happen (still hopeful) as I moved back to Karachi and after working in the beauty industry for a year and a half …*drum roll*… I decided to make this, my own little creative bubble.


So, if this resonated with you, which I hope it did, I would love nothing more than your support for this project of mine. Feast your eyes and send me love, a win-win for us both.

Mahnoor Farogh