Designer Dupe #4- Celine Sunglasses

February 22, 2018

Firstly, sorry for being so MIA, I had a lot on my plate. I have moved back to Karachi and it took a while to settle in.


Now for the interesting bit- The Celine Shadow Sunglasses.



You must have seen these on Kim Kardashian West and Christine Centenera, fashion editor for Vogue Australia. Tortoise shell frames became all the rave a couple of months back, as a sort of “vintage revival” and I was instantly sold.




These Celines retail for around £345 and other variations in the £250 price range. It’s obvious that I hunted for dupes and you will never guess where I got the best version from…




To all those scrunching their noses, YES! Primark. Initially, I was searching online and I found really amazing deals on Depop and Vinted from different sunglasses businesses but one day I was picking up fairy lights among other things from Primark and randomly decided to rummage through their chaotic sunglasses section (which I NEVER do).





I actually gasped when I saw these glasses because I could not even believe that they were £2. I didn’t care that they didn’t suit me as much as I wanted them to- I had to have them. I don’t think I have been prouder of a purchase or a dupe hunt has gone this successful. After all, I have managed to save more than £340 on a luxury style.



Below are links to the real sunglasses and different dupes I found online on Ebay, ASOS and Boohoo.






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