The Return Of Tie-dye

November 9, 2020

For pretty much all of us, 2020 has been a nightmare. With the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the upcoming elections in the USA, it is a time of political and social unrest. What does that have to do with Tie-Dye?


The trend seems to be cyclical, in that throughout history it has emerged during testing times. During the 70s, when the USA was going through massive change, where recession was on the rise and there was a shift in politics and culture; tie-dye amidst the chaos, represented a sense of freedom.


Since it is often affiliated with the revolutionary “hippie” culture of the 70s, tie-dye has made a comeback given the global situation today. Here are some of my favourite pieces by local Pakistani brands that are currently making exquisite tie-dye pieces that are guaranteed to make you feel a sort of nostalgic comfort.



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