Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows- “worth The Splurge?”

May 17, 2017

Uncertain about the MUG foiled shadows? Are you tempted by their variety of vibrant hues and silk like sheen? Are you convincing yourself to make use of these shadows once you buy them? Well, I found myself in a similar dilemma and then I caved, of course. I bought the initial ten shades which to my disappointment came individually *wishful thinking*, along with a magnetic palette- all costing about $80 exclusive of shipping cost.



The shadows are smooth and highly pigmented. The colours are wearable, and would suit any skin tone. When applied they stick to the skin, therefore you cannot afford to make a mistake with them. I first use my finger to apply the shadows and then touch up the corners or any uneven parts with a small shader brush.


However, I feel that the vibrancy of the shadows is not long lasting, and they tend to crease after a while (at least that was the case on my skin) despite primer, water or fix plus.


Unfortunately, I could not photograph myself wearing the shadows but I would recommend buying only those shades that you know you will wear or (one of) the lighter shades which would make gorgeous highlight colours.

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