The Glossier Craze

February 21, 2018


Glossier has been taking over the blogging and YouTube community but I wanted to see the products for myself before I bought them since there were mixed reviews everywhere. I was in New York recently and got the chance to visit the Glossier showroom on Lafayette Street. I was greeted by the team and spoke to Hailey about the brand and the Glossier philosophy.





The Glossier woman is someone who is natural and wants subtle makeup as opposed to the full on Instagram glam that has been trending for quite some time. The focus is on enhancing your natural beauty and features without concealing too much and using too many products, which makes it perfect for women on the go.



What I bought:



Glossier Skin Perfecting Tint– It’s supposed to be a sheer foundation that is meant to even out your skin tone. It’s a very thin formula so does not provide a lot of coverage and has a “barely there” feel to it.



However, I feel as though it evaporates over time and I have to apply a lot of the product to get the desired finish hence I don’t feel that it’s economic. I find myself using the Skin Tint only on days my skin is well-behaved.



Boy Brow Although this product is a hit with almost all the beauty gurus, for me it was a definite miss. The applicator is very fine and meant to comb every individual brow hair but it just made no difference to my brows.



Cloud Paint– Now this a product worth buying. It’s the best blush I have seen in the market as it’s highly pigmented, lasts all day, cost effective-since you really just need a dot- and gives the cheeks such a natural flush. I found it to be multipurpose as an eye-shadow base too.







The shade ‘Haze’ may seem slightly intimidating but it looks quite soft on the skin, especially brown skin tones.



Serums (all three)– My favourite out of the three serums is Super Bounce which is of a thicker consistency and contains hyaluronic acid which leaves my skin moisturized and supple. My skin literally drinks up this formula which makes it the perfect base for makeup. I have also linked below the other serums, Super Pure (for acne prone skin) and Super Glow (with vitamin C).


Generation G Lipstick– I love nude lipsticks so I got myself the shades Leo and Cake. The product is more of a lip tint than a lipstick and is build-able but with every layer, my lips felt very oily and heavy. Plus it barely showed on my lips which is why I’m not a fan. Maybe a darker shade would perform better.




Invisible Shield– Daily sunscreen with SPF 35 and very lightweight unlike most sunscreens which don’t let the skin breathe. It’s worth buying since I reach out for this every day and my makeup does not feel or appear cakey when I layer products after applying this.




Final Verdict- While I love the Glossier philosophy and the range of products they have, I felt I should have picked up more of their skincare line. I received a sample for their perfume ‘Glossier You’ and visited the showroom where I learned that the “key ingredient for the perfume was ME”, in other words, the product mixes into the oils produced by our skins and enhances our natural scent and I must say it was hands down the best product i tested. It’s the most long lasting perfume I have ever used and I regret not picking up a bottle or rather, five!



     Skin Tint              

       Boy Brow            

    Cloud Paint         


    Generation G     

   Invisible Shield   

Glossier You        


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