Happiness Is Handmade

November 26, 2017

I distinctly remember the day my mother taught me how to colour. We were sprawled on the floor with my Cinderella colouring book and brand new Faber Castell colour pencils. We took a page each and began colouring. I was scribbling away on Cinderella’s face and enviously looking at Mama’s neat strokes. She noticed that I had paused and was observing her. Mama asked me if I wanted her to teach me and I nodded, flashing her my keen smile.


I was 4 years old when I fell in love with art and just creating things that. I feel truly happy every time I am bent over my sketchbook, engrossed in my paintings or illustrations. I appreciate myself fully every time I look at a completed project and so I will say that for me at least, Happiness Is Handmade.


I admit over the years I haven’t prioritized my creative side but I feel so inspired when I look at the arts and crafts community, especially here in Karachi. A few days ago I got the opportunity to have a chat with Varah Musavvir (popularly known as The Firefly Girl who annually hosts The Crafters’ Expo) and learn more about her concept and the motivation behind showcasing and introducing various crafters from all over the country. I cannot emphasize enough on what a beautiful and kind hearted person she is. Just the fact that she believes in putting others before herself and helping them via this platform is so rare and inspiring.


If you love handmade goods, The Crafter’s Expo is definitely the place to be this winter. But even if it’s not something up your alley you should attend to at least learn about the crafting community, the effort put into handmade goods and just come out and support your local craftsmen. I guarantee you are bound to find something that you love.


This event unites people from all backgrounds as there are craftsmen coming in from all over the country and ladies if you’re interested in crochets and knits this winter season, you’re in for a treat. That said there is something for everyone whether you like scrapbooking, little trinkets, decoration pieces, china, home-made skincare, jewelry, clothing and so much more that I am not even close to covering the inventory.


It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on Christmas gifts for your colleagues, some ethnic pieces, stock up on winter wear or embroidered shawls and get to meet and understand the hands behind #HappinessIsMade.


So save the date, spread the word and bring your friends and family along to The Crafter’s Expo on 3rd December 2017 at Royal Rodale, Karachi, Pakistan. Link to the event’s page is –> https://goo.gl/sv6rsG


A big thank you to Nando’s Pakistan and Varah for hosting and inviting me to my first ever blogger’s meet. It was lovely to meet so many lovely girls who also believe in the #HappinessIsHandmade vision.


*Some of these goodies I was given by Varah- others including the diary, truck art clutch bag and badges I have purchased over the years.


Badges & Luggage Tag – Firefly https://goo.gl/CdQxKq

Diary – YBQ Designs https://goo.gl/XSaA1R

Truck Art Clutch – Enigma https://goo.gl/CdDmhi

Silk Scarf – Mera Art https://goo.gl/H7AjmF

Coffee Scrub – Food For Your Face  https://goo.gl/H4mEz4

Bangles – Zed Mars https://goo.gl/9or8tv


I am Mahnoor! Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I talk about all things beauty, fashion, art, food and share other inspiring content. I started this platform when I was doing the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) in London in 2017 as an outlet for my creativity.