Story Time- Best Gift I Ever Received

I received a towel as my 20th birthday present. By now you know that the title of this blogpost oozes sarcasm. I will spare the detail of who sent it because that’s pretty much as irrelevant as the person themself.  (Coming to the ^ picture shortly, read below)   I was in London at the… Continue reading Story Time- Best Gift I Ever Received

Jet Set Candy

I’ve always been someone who is attached to memories and sentiments and I wanted something, apart from a journal/scrapbook that commemorated my travels to new places. During my trip to New York, I went to the Bryant Park Christmas Market and came across Jet Set Candy’s pop-up shop.   It was the cutest store I… Continue reading Jet Set Candy

Happiness Is Handmade

I distinctly remember the day my mother taught me how to colour. We were sprawled on the floor with my Cinderella colouring book and brand new Faber Castell colour pencils. We took a page each and began colouring. I was scribbling away on Cinderella’s face and enviously looking at Mama’s neat strokes. She noticed that… Continue reading Happiness Is Handmade

Peggy Porschen Cakes

All I’ll say about the shop is that it was covered with subtle hues of pink and….