Jet Set Candy

April 26, 2018

I’ve always been someone who is attached to memories and sentiments and I wanted something, apart from a journal/scrapbook that commemorated my travels to new places. During my trip to New York, I went to the Bryant Park Christmas Market and came across Jet Set Candy’s pop-up shop.


It was the cutest store I had ever seen. There were little charms all over the place, organized by make and countries and exactly what I wanted to fill up my Pandora bangle.


Out of the little Empire State buildings and Statues of Liberty I had my heart set on the little sterling LaGuardia luggage tag for my first trip to New York. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to grab them all especially the Paris charms but it only motivated me to travel more.


They had a Christmas deal going on at that time- if I picked another charm for $30 from their selected collection, I could get a sterling chain for free. Luckily they had the British flag as an option which I picked to remember the 4 beautiful years I spent in England.


I spoke to the lady at the counter who was the mother of the business owner. We talked about Pakistan, that she had visited when she was younger and found it and its people hospitable. She very proudly told me about her daughter and how she started Jet Set Candy.


I was very happy with my purchases- all around the $80 mark- as I left with my little pink box, completely inspired by the mother daughter duo.


The next adventure I am collecting is their gold and diamond Magic lamp to mark my Dubai trip and I really wish that they make charms for Pakistan someday.


You can collect your adventures via the link below 



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